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add Dulkir mod


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  • Itz_Cubic

    Such as swingspeed or item position across the y, x and z axes or yaw, pitch and roll postions.

    Aswell as those it also has some usefull hypixel skyblock mods such sending a msg in chat when f7 terminal is being throtelled.

    It has some other misc. changes such as letting you know when your hype stops giving you Combat xp (which is a Skyblock Bug) Hiding Enchant Rune particles.

    Please add this mod.

  • Chayso_

    yeah it would be one of my favourite mods


  • Chelik2345

    Добавьте этот мод, пожалуйста!


  • ignTurtleBoy

    Yea big fat fax add pls


  • Dodas_Q

    I'm a little late, but this sounds like a great idea to do, Badlion please add!


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