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Badlion 3.3 bug


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  • ManUpMando



  • LucasThePooh_

    yo me too for me most of time is on the top left


  • amazing56789

    Hi, I am not a mod but I am telling you a feature.

    First, to increase GUI size (most inventories such as: inventory, chest, enchanting table, anvil, etc) and text, change the GUI scale in [menu -> Minecraft Settings -> Video Settings -> GUI scale]; it has multiple options to choose from.

    For the other concern, as being the "screen being glitchy", please elaborate as it is hard to understand what you are trying to say. My best guess is that you're trying to say that when you exit fullscreen, the smaller screen appears in random positions. On a windows device, all you have to do is select the screen, and press {Windows + Up Arrow Key} until it fits the screen.



  • ManUpMando

    Thanks for responding, I fixed the gui as you said, the screen was glitchy and it looked like broken lcds flickering on the screen. mainly from the left but i deleted badlion client, redownloaded it and turned optifine off and it works perfectly.


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